About the SnoBall

What is the SnoBall? It’s an event unlike many others. It’s a rally held during the winter in Northeast Ohio, traversing many different roads in whatever conditions Mother Nature decides to throw at us. It could be snowing, sleeting, raining, foggy, or even sunny (it’s winter in Ohio – we doubt it’ll be sunny).

The objective is as simple as can be: At the beginning of the rally, you’ll be handed a set of clues to the route you need to take to get to each checkpoint. Your route will lead you to the final destination, at which point your mileage and elapsed time will be recorded. This information will determine who won based on how close they were to the official time and distance.

However, this event is ALL serious – It’s equal parts fun and competitive. If you want to just have fun, you’re welcome to participate as there will be awards outside of those who were the best at meeting the objective. Most Over Mileage, Longest Trip, and many other awards will be handed out.

If you want to participate, though, you’ll need a driver, a navigator, a car, and some good thinking to figure out our route. It’s not like we’ll make it easy so be prepared to think a bit!

We hope you may join us in the revival of a great winter tradition!


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