Welcome to SnoBall Ohio 2015
February 22, 2015 – Noon

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Welcome to the official website for the SnoBall Ohio 2015 Rally. This site has been set up as an information source for all things SnoBall, including what you need to know about preparing for the rally.

A message from SnoBall Ohio’s Coordinators:

We are excited to continue a winter tradition to the Northeast Ohio area, the Annual SnoBall Ohio. It’s been a great success last year.  We’re looking forward to another exciting run this year!
The winter rally has always brought a good turnout of all different types of cars in all types of winter weather imagined (including blizzards), yet the end result was always the same:  Having fun. Our intent is to revive the rally as a winter past-time of car enthusiasts while maintaining a respect and reverence of past rallies by carrying on the spirit it was founded on.
We hope you enjoy the event as much as we are planning it!