To aid you in being as prepared as possible for the rally, we’ve put together this brief list of checklist items you’d be wise to go through before setting off on the Snoball Ohio 2015 Rally. This list is by no means comprehensive, but will provide you a solid base from which to work from.

  • Prepare Your Car – Give the car a shakedown a few days prior and fix anything necessary to the safe operation of the vehicle. Breaking down in general is bad enough, but doing so while trying to compete in a rally is even worse.
  • Fuel Up – You don’t want to waste precious time and mileage on finding the nearest gas station, so be sure your car is filled up before arriving for check-in.
  • Check the Weather – This is Ohio – it could be snowy and 10 degrees one day, then 60 degrees and sunny the next. Weather could affect road conditions and traffic and its your duty to be both prepared and able to adapt accordingly.
  • Verify Your Car’s Odometer/Trip * – To score cars in the distance category, a functional and calibrated odometer is essential to the most accurate distance tracking. A trip odometer is not necessary, but will make things much easier.
  • Expect the Unexpected – Traffic, drastic weather changes, confusing or ambiguous route clues (we’re not going to make it easy!), breakdowns, missed turns, or getting lost. All of these can happen and its on you and your navigator to maneuver around them. Don’t expect this to be easy…


* A functional odometer is not a necessary qualification for participation in the Snoball. A car may enter with a faulty odometer, but strictly under the premise that the vehicle is not eligible for the distance award as no accurate means of tracking distance traveled would be available.

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